Subway is Hiring: Learn How to Apply for Positions Today

A job at Subway means more than crafting the best sandwich for your customers. It is all about being part of a company that values every employee and their contributions. Every employee at Subway knows that customer service and giving back to the community means a lot to the company.

If you’re among the many people searching for a stable job that offers a steady income, Subway has the best opportunities for you. Subway’s job vacancies are diverse and vary from area to area, but they generally have the same requirements.


Check out the guide below to learn how to apply for job vacancies at Subway today.

Subway is Hiring: Learn How to Apply for Positions Today
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Most In-Demand Job Vacancies at Subway

Subway has a lot of career opportunities for people who are looking for a stable job. 

Subway is Hiring: Learn How to Apply for Positions Today
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They have a wide range of options depending on your skill level and educational attainment. 


This means that you can choose from a myriad of job openings to apply for but certain slots are quite in-demand and are currently hiring these days. Check them all out below.

Sandwich Artists

Sandwich artists are the bread and butter of Subway. They are commonly responsible for crafting the best sandwiches in the world. They are often the first to greet you at the store, take your order, prepare it, and serve it as fresh as possible. 

They also maintain food safety according to the standards that are set by both the government and the company.


Shift Supervisors

Shift supervisors directly manage a team of sandwich artists during a given shift. They are responsible for the entire operations within that shift, which is under the observation and management of the store manager. 

These supervisors help sandwich artists with their craft and ensure quality control before the orders are given to the customers. They often cover for the sandwich artist role in case there is a shortage of staff at work.

Store Managers

Store managers are often responsible for the operations of each store or restaurant. They ensure that every employee follows operating protocols and food safety procedures. 

Store managers train their staff to be the best employees and handle customer complaints. They also handle product preparation, inventory control, and the security of the entire facility.

Benefits of Working at Subway

Working a job at Subway has its many benefits and highlights. For many, these employee benefits make their time at the company worthwhile by building a secured financial future.

Subway is Hiring: Learn How to Apply for Positions Today
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A lot of employees also take advantage of these benefits to help them achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Learning and Growing

All employees are offered professional development opportunities, which allow them to learn and grow as they continue to work at Subway. 

No one at Subway remains in the same position after many years of working there. You always get the chance to grow with Subway through these opportunities and programs led by the company.

Work Culture

Subway offers a safe and diverse work culture that accepts people from around the world. 

Every employee is heard and treated to promote an environment of innovation, collaboration, and teamwork. Nowhere can you see a company that is involved with its employees.

Employee Benefits

Subway employees receive health and dental benefits as well as development programs to help them learn new skills for future promotion opportunities. 

There are also team-building events and family events to ensure that everyone at Subway, including their families, has healthy relationships with each other.

Applying for Job Vacancies at Subway

Given the potential to grow and earn a lot while working at Subway, you might be interested in learning more about their hiring process. 

Subway is Hiring: Learn How to Apply for Positions Today
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Their hiring process is very straightforward. To have a better chance of getting hired, follow the steps mentioned below. 

Take note that this is their online hiring process, which is generally known to give you the best chance of getting hired by the company.

Preparing the Requirements

When applying for job vacancies, all applicants must be at least of legal age to work. A high school diploma or any equivalent educational attainment is highly recommended. 

Applicants must have the ability to understand and implement the instructions based on the training. 

Documents such as your government ID, birth certificate, and others are also required to be submitted during your application.

Choosing the Best Job Vacancy

There are a lot of job vacancies at Subway. You can check them all out at the official website through the Careers homepage where you can find all the in-demand jobs available for application. 

Applicants can also use the search function to look for the most suitable job opportunity that is in line with their skills and experience. 

Read the entire job description to learn more about the responsibilities of the role and the estimated salary rate.

Applying for the Job

Once you have found the perfect role, click on Apply to start the application process. Fill out the online application form and upload the required documents

Remember to review the entire application form for spelling errors and ensure that all documents have been uploaded properly. Once you are done, click on Submit.

Attending the Interview

After a few days, they will reach out to you to give you the schedule for your interview. Head over to their office on the said date for the interview. 

Answer all of their questions as honestly as possible. An assessment may follow afterward to help them understand your skill level and capabilities. 

Take this opportunity to ask for feedback, and remember to ask for their contact details if you need updates.

Signing the Job Offer

Once selected, you will receive a job offer. Review the offer to see if you agree with the terms, and then sign it if you are willing to take the job. 

You will undergo new hire orientation together with other new hires and then proceed with your training. 

The training period will last up to a few months, depending on the role. Congratulations, you are now part of the Subway family.


Whether this is your first time applying for a job or you want to work for a company that offers personal and professional development, learning how to apply for job vacancies is important so you can join Subway. Start your Subway journey today and move towards a more secure financial future!

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